When I was sixteen I started having depressive and manic episodes. Talking about my feelings was too scary for me, so drawing became my way of surviving and expressing what I was going through. That's how I started visualizing bipolar disorder through drawings.

I recently started a project called "Phases", it's a compilation of drawings I've been making since 2011 where I draw bipolar disorder's symptoms.

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#1 Self-Stigma. Phase: Depression

Self-Stigma. Phase: Depression

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#2 Trapped. Phase: Disrealization

Trapped. Phase: Disrealization

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#3 Delusion. Phase: Psychosis

Delusion. Phase: Psychosis

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#4 Paroxysm. Phase: Mixed Episode

Paroxysm. Phase: Mixed Episode

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#5 Broken. Phase: Depression

Broken. Phase: Depression

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#6 Identity. Phase: Psychosis

Identity. Phase: Psychosis

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#7 Unloved. Phase: Depression

Unloved. Phase: Depression

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Gabriela Cirby 1 year ago

you are so talented.

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#8 Snowflake. Phase: Depression

Snowflake. Phase: Depression

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#9 Manic. Phase: Mania

Manic. Phase: Mania

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#10 I Am What I've Always Hated. Phase: Mixed Episode

I Am What I've Always Hated. Phase: Mixed Episode

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