Even though people say that you should be ‘dancing like no one’s watching’, Katelyn Ohashi, a UCLA gymnast, tried out the “dance like the whole world is watching and then rewatching it again” approach. And she delivered. During Saturday’s Collegaite Challenge in Anaheim, California, Katelyn entered the stage and delivered such an electifying performance, filled with flips and splits and everything else that belongs to the world of gymnastics, that it makes sense that her team mates didn’t stop smiling and cheering. Well deserved, Ohashi got the best results and helped UCLA to win at the tournament.

Katelyn Ohashi, a UCLA gymnast, is the hero behind this euphoric performance

Katelyn confidently entered the stage ready to stun the judges

As Jackson-5 beats started playing, she entered beast mode

And just like a potential winner should

She nailed the routine flawlessly

Watch the whole performance

This killer performance left people awestruck