Designed by the award-winning, visionary firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures, the Millennial Vertical Forest scheme has won the public vote for the international design competition “Imagine Anger”. The firm, which was ranked among the top 50 Green Planet Architects, collaborated with Bouygues Immobilier group to submit a proposal for the French city.

Lead by the “architect” Vincent Callebaut who is known for his biophilic architecture and biomimicry designs, the Millenial Vertical Forest project focused on the ecological aspects as well as integrating biodiversity into the building. This was achieved through the five principles of Biophilic architecture.

Envisioned as a unique living environment, the project takes the form of a vertical forest. Merging the two elements of “trees” and “cultivation”, the Millennial Vertical Forest has been named “Arboricole”. The building overlooks beautiful views of the city center and lies in a historic location. Accordingly, Callebaut created this biomorphic form using natural materials.

So why is it called “Millennial” Vertical Forest? The reason behind the names of the project is that it includes residential units in the form of youth hostels which target millennials aged 25-35. Conceived as a new typology for urban residences, the Millenial Vertical Forest provides inhabitants with a sense of community.The project includes business services for youth like the “Bang”, which is a business incubator on the second floor that provides millennials with rentable offices and workshops.

The building also encompasses “The Music Factory” concert hall which is hugged by the “Anjou Factory,” a place on the first-floor for local musicians. As for leisure activities, a space called “Rooftop” is designed to be a panoramic restaurant with beautiful forest-like landscapes.

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