I started out painting and drawing but eventually moved towards graphic design and the digital world. Over the years, I slowly realized that I was less interested in typography than I had initially thought, but enjoyed working digitally. So, I dug back into my roots to create a style that felt comfortable and unique. My vectors attempt to blend digital works with traditional painting, leaving people questioning what the medium is at times.

I don’t always depict my critters in space, but it usually has some sort of dreamy feel to the background. I love playing with color. Sometimes blending natural colors of the animal with unnatural or just using colors that don’t exist on a pet altogether. I mostly work on commissions of people’s pets, but I also like to make up beasts when I’m feeling creative and not exhausted from the day. And on very rare occasions I also work on people portraits.

I use adobe illustrator to make these and a Wacom Intous 3 tablet.

More info: Instagram