DIY ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle Wrap Turns Old VW Camper Into R2-D2 | Bored Panda
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DIY ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle Wrap Turns Old VW Camper Into R2-D2
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DIY ‘Star Wars’ Vehicle Wrap Turns Old VW Camper Into R2-D2

César Aguzzoli is well on his way to becoming a Jedi Knight after converting his family’s 1992 Volkswagen Camper into an R2-D2 look-alike. The 26-year-old Brazilian, now living in San Diego, was inspired to start the project after a Star Wars marathon with his friends. Aguzzoli spent over 50 hours designing the 105ft2 (9.75m2) vinyl wrap.

“R2D2’s body is a cylinder, so our initial idea was to unroll the cylinder and wrap the bus with that pattern. But it ended up not becoming one with the force, I mean the bus…So we chose the hard way and decided to re-imagine and recreate the layout specifically to fit the van,” Aguzzoli writes on Instructables.

The project remains unfinished for now, as César Aguzzoli now lives in the United States. However, there are plans to eventually add a Millennium Falcon themed roof to the old camper.

More info: Instructables | Facebook (h/t: modernmet)

This 1992 VW Bus was already cool, but Star Wars fan César decided to Force it to the next level

He spent 50 hrs taking apart R2-D2 and redesigning him to fit the VW

The end result was over 9.5 sq. m. of vinyl that needed to be cut

Each pieces was painstakingly attached to the van using a heat-gun

R2-D2 “VW” edition is finally ready for the road!

The perfect commuter vehicle for a busy Jedi

Clearly, this is the droid you’re looking for!


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