Our seas and oceans are full of mysteries - when up to a million species live in the depths of the water, one can be sure some incredibly strange species live there as well.  Here we have some of the most unusual water-dwellers that you have probably never seen in your life. And we probably haven't even discovered the weirdest ones yet.

It looks like these unseen underwater animals have come from some other planet. They can have a full spectrum of colors, advanced camouflage or be totally transparent. If you look closely enough, you can find one of them somewhere in the water, like these photographers did.

If you also have a photo that captures mysterious water creatures, be sure to add it here and don’t forget to vote for your favorites.

#1 Jellyfish


Alexander Semenov Report

#2 Ladybug Shrimp..

Ladybug Shrimp..


#3 Ghost Pipefish

Ghost Pipefish


#4 Nudibranch



#5 Evil King Of The Abyss

Evil King Of The Abyss

Alexander Semenov Report

#6 Enteroctopus Dofleini Also Known As The Giant Pacific Octopus

Enteroctopus Dofleini Also Known As The Giant Pacific Octopus

Alexander Semenov Report

#7 Seahorse


Christina Molbech Report

#8 Costasiella


Jim & Lynn Photography Report

#9 Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

Josh Parsons Report

#10 Bubble Coral Shrimps

Bubble Coral Shrimps