See photos of unusual and unseen portraits of sea creatures by Romanian Photographer Anita Jambor.

“Since feelings don’t fit under a microscope as I like to say, I’m glad I had the opportunity to capture these really humanly animal portraits!”

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Happy or high? Or both?

Bad day…. I’m not even hungry!

Tell me Stone, am I forever alone?

You can find anything around the corner…

Perfect camouflage

Hurry! Hurry! We’re late for work!

5 more minutes please…

Talk to the hand!

Pleaseeee! Help me!

Let’s have a look, hmmm….

Is that a camera? OH NO!

This algea is mine!

They see me rollin`….

I turn my back to photographers

So full can’t even fish today..

Look at me swiming with the speed of light