Ok, so imagine you just stepped through a portal to an alternate reality, where human history played out just as it did in this reality, just with one big difference. Somewhere back in the midst of time, when early humans attained that elusive thing we call “consciousness”, instead of monkeys, it was the canines. Human history becomes doggie history…

This is the world that inspired Serbian digital designer, Kennel Club judge and dog lover, Sandra to begin work on her unique style of art. In her shop, ‘Nobility Dogs, there’s canine takes on pieces from the Renaissance, when art represented arist-dog-cracy; nobles, merchants, princes, dukes, and of course, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, through to the twentieth century, with doggy version of famous movie posters. Instead of being the sidekick on a work of art, the dog becomes the protagonist. There are over 1200 different prints available, on Gilcée canvas, but also on ceramic brooches and pendants.

This strange, fun, cute world is perfect for dog lovers and art lovers alike, and makes a great, unexpected gift for both!

More info: en.dawanda.com

Japanese Spitz Jewelry Ceramic Brooch

Ca de Bestiar Fine Art Canvas Print

Attack of the 50ft Woman and 20ft Dachshund

Dachshund ceramic brooch

Miniature Pinscher Fine Art Canvas Print