Spoiler alert: Weddings are not just about white dresses and fancy cocktail parties. Welcome to 2020! It is not a “one size fits all” wedding world anymore. There are adventurous couples out there who have wedding ideas of their own, without the pressures of a normal traditional wedding. Over the past 5 years of wedding photography, we have witnessed dozens of ever-evolving wedding styles that match the personalities of our couples. Only reaffirming our belief that these days you can really do whatever you want, anywhere you want!

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The officiant heads out for the ceremony

The Travel Agent Next Door agent Julie and her husband Sean are keen scuba-divers and naturally wanted to incorporate their love for the ocean by getting married underwater during the annual Dive Fest near their favorite island of Saint Lucia!

Then the groom takes the plunge

And so does the bride

What a better way to show homage to their passion and their commitment to one another than diving 32 feet below the surface to exchange vows and rings. Well, rubber rings. They definitely did not want to risk dropping their diamond rings into the abyss along with Kate Winslet’s Heart of the Ocean necklace.

She is then escorted to the altar by the crew from Eastern Caribbean Diving

Swimming down the proverbial aisle

The wedding ceremony is now in full swing

Although communication is understandably difficult underwater

Some unexpected wedding guests swim by

Of course, no wedding would be complete without a wedding picture photobomber. Or two. Or an entire school of fish swimming through. Hey, the more the merrier! So, there we were, coexisting with Nemo and his friends three dozen feet below the world. And unless you are Ariel, you cannot sing or talk underwater. Shocking, we know. Gratefully, our well-prepared bride and groom exchanged their vows on written plates, so their adventurous, dedicated and non-claustrophobic wedding guests could witness the moment.

Before the newlyweds take out their regulators

And have a proper first kiss

Before we all ascended to the surface where celebratory drinks and congratulations were awaiting the couple, they did something none of us was expecting…or would be brave enough to do for that matter. Like the pros they were, they took out their air supplies – gulp – to solidify their union with a proper kiss. Nothing says “until death does you part“ like forgoing oxygen to prove your commitment to one another!

And they are off swimming into the sunset