My silence... When I am there with my daughters is silence... There is light... There is my strong me... Underwater LOVE.

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In my heart, I always knew I had a passion for photography but I hadn’t had time to let it out. I do love what I do, I am thankful and grateful to God and to the Universe for having discovered my meaning in life.

Before the deadline of a commissioned work, when there is a lot of work to be done, I use to take a break, go for a walk on a nearby dam with my daughters and we enjoy ourselves. I do get tired, too. The best thing to do is to stop what you’re doing, there is no point in pushing yourself. I would like to have more time, to do more with my projects.

My daughters are my favorite subjects, they helped move forward and together we discovered the light. I worked a lot with them when I had spare time. I wish I had more of it. I try out a lot of things with them. The photos with them are so magical and full of innocence. The three of us know it very well you only need the light.

I am so pleased when they come and share with me their ideas so I can get a good image. We play a lot and by doing so magic surfaces. They are my assistants during photo shootings, help me a lot and make my life wonderful.

I have two projects very dear to me in which they are involved: Daughters and Underwater Love....

I began working at Underwater Love 4 years ago when I got as a present for my birthday an underwater camera.

What started as a game taking photos for fun turned into underwater photo shootings, twice a day, when the natural light was perfect.

My big daughter Alexa is such a wonderful girl, very ambitious. Even though she was cold, she wanted to try it one more time to keep her eyes opened longer underwater. We tried to tell a story with every image I shot and she played a lot of characters.

We tried to resume it last summer, we had even a storyboard ready but we decided not to rush things and let them happen. My little daughter Maria, my blue eyes came into our project two years ago.

Every image is magical when you capture true emotions and pass them on. Underwater Love is a project in progress and we’ll talk about it more. Embrace your your dreams

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