Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson recently came under intense fire after he defended his most trusted adviser Dominic Cummings for breaching the lockdown measures set by the UK government. In April, Cummings drove across the country to visit relatives all while falling ill himself. The revelation of this has caused quite an uproar and people expected Johnson to dismiss the adviser for blatant disregard for people’s safety as well as the lockdown rules.

Unfortunately, in a controversial move, the prime minister defended Cummings by saying: “He followed the instincts of every father and every parent, and I do not mark him down for that.” “I believe that in every respect, he has acted responsibly, and legally, and with integrity,” Johnson said. That, however, did not sit well with the rest of the British populace.

Someone behind the UK Civil Service account tweeted this in response

Even though the above tweet was quickly deleted, people surely noticed it

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