It’s no secret that Uber rides are often awkward for both passenger and driver, so when music fills that unbearable silence and we don’t have to rely on stiff small-talk, it instantaneously makes things a hundred times better. Uber driver TJ Jones (who uses they/them pronouns) decided to cash in on an opportunity to show their creative skills and created 11 personalized playlists for their passengers. And it went viral!

After TJ’s initial tweet racked up 260K likes back in February, people have been flooding their feed with compliments and requests. From “white dudes who look like [they] like rap” to “quiet ppl”, Jones has a playlist for everyone. With the encouragement, the Spotify playlist virtuoso decided to create more collections and is now a professional playlist curator. Scroll down below to check out the story for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Meet TJ Jones (who uses they/them pronouns) whose Spotify playlists went viral back in February

TJ’s original tweet gathered 260K and many people rushed to compliment TJ’s music choices

While driving for Uber, Jones decided to create 11 personalized lists

To make the Uber experience more enjoyable for themselves and their passengers

And it worked! Not only did their passengers compliment Jones, people on the internet also joined in

Encouraged by the public demand, Jones started creating other playlists

As well as offering to personalize playlists for people

Which soon enough grew into a profession

With many new playlists out and more on their way

Jones now describes themself as a music consultant and marketer

And people are absolutely crazy about TJ’s talent at curating playlists!