The Gobi desert, the habitat of the rarest animals and a unique natural landscape. Its desert and semi-desert ecosystems have hardly change in many years. The Gobi is often imagined to be a place of unbearable heat and lifeless sand dunes; similar to the inhospitable Sahara desert, but the reality is quite the reverse. The Gobi has high mountains, springs, forests, sands, steppes and a rich wildlife kingdom.

Occupying 30 per cent of the country’s vast territory and stretching from the east to the west through the southern part of Mongolia. Only 5% of the Gobi is covered by sand, while the rest of the region is diverse and rich with various flora and fauna. Its numerous rare animal species include argali sheep, ibex, snow leopard, lynx, wild ass, gazelles, saiga, wild Bactrian camel and Gobi bear and more. Its plant kingdom comprises over 400 species including many valuable medicinal, folder and decorative plants. The sight of an ancient sea, the region has been host to countless fossil discoveries. The first fossilized dinosaur eggs were discovered by famous American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1920’s in the area known as the Flaming Cliffs (Bayanzag). Famous sand dunes including Hongoriin els, Moltsog els and Burdene Bulag are some of the major attractions. The green canyon at Yoliin Am or Eagle Valley in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park nestled between high rock walls is interesting variation for Gobi ecology.

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Tsavgaan suvarga,

Toli khad, Noyon soum, Umnugobi province

Narandaast, Gurvantest, Umnugobi

Narandaast, Gurvantest, Umnugobi

Zulganai Oasis, Gurvantses, Umnugobi

Roud to Khermen tsav, sandy and heavy

Khermen Tsav was made from thousands of year’s erosion of red sand and which stretches about 10 km

Cliffs of Khermentsav

Khermen Tsav was made from thousands of year’s erosion of red sand and which stretches about 10 km. The area has desert plants and trees and many fossilized remains of ancient animals and dinosaurs

Spinx in Khermantsav

Route to Ikh Khongil, well known as Nemegt cemetery of Dinosaurs

picturesque cliffs of Namegt

Big sky of Gobi

Oasis in the middle of nowhere

Khongor sand dune