Nguyen Vu Phuoc is one of the most widely known and beloved photographers in Vietnam, and the winner of countless awards in his homeland and across the globe. He is both prolific and unique, his work ranging in genre from documentary to travel to fine art, and just about everything in between.

If you like what you see, please note that you can join the fun loving Phuoc, along with the renowned travel shooter David Lazar, for an exclusive Vietnam photo tour workshop next June. For now, he is very pleased and proud to share a glimpse of his style and vision with Bored Pandas all over the world!

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Double Vision Fishin’

Umbrella Leaf – Red Dao Children

Nung Lady Rice Farmers in Hoang Su Phi


Cham Girl by Candlelight

The Good Sister – Saigon

Cham Pottery Maker

Champa Kids on the Dunes

Nung Ladies at Harvest Time

Rice Terraces in Legendary Ha Giang Province

Ao Dai Confidential

High School Girl in Mekong Taxi

Rice Farmer Tilling

Circle of Dreams

Lo Lo Family Walking – Northern Vietnam

Visions of Vietnam

The Salt Harvesters of Kanh Hoa Province