Recently, a Twitter user called Mike Parker shared a photo of a strange predicament involving a railroad and corn. Last week, he noticed that the tracks next to his house in Crystal, Minnesota is filled with corn, without any one of them falling out of the tracks. It seemed that Parker was one of the first ones to spot this incident since none of the animals were seen munching on the unexpectedly placed snacks.

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Image credits: Mike1Parker

The photo quickly started making rounds across a variety of social media platforms. After another person shared Parker’s photo on his Twitter account, the tweet gained over 110k likes in a matter of days. People promptly spotted the resemblance of the corn trail to the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz.

Image credits: adambelz

While mesmerized by the oddly satisfying view, many began speculating whether the photo is actually real.

Image credits: adambelz

What made them suspicious is that the corn seemed to be placed within the tracks too perfectly and was left undisrupted by passing trains.

Image credits: adambelz

However, local media have confirmed that the train, in fact, had spilled corn leaving a 2,000 feet stretch of tracks covered in kernels. Local residents were also curious to go and see the corn tracks for themselves.

One such resident named Adam Belz posted a video announcing that the corn-rail is real and showed it up close.

Here’s how people reacted

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