People from the southern part of Bangladesh are the victims of climate change. The climate change results in making them to move to the capital. These migrated people work in factories which are polluting the environment. Many factories produce smoke containing toxic chemicals which may cause breathing problem. They also release chemicals in the nearest river or pond. Migrated workers work for 24 hours a day and 15 days in a month. They hardly get chance to visit their relatives in village. Working under this circumstance they get asthma or other breathing problems.. 

They do not have any safe protection from the gas or dust.Children also have to travel with their families as they shift their houses. They hardly get chance to go to school but they are bound to help their families with part time working by earning extra money. Some of the children already have breathing problem. Children, living in this toxic area, very soon will have mental illness.


More info:

A worker is taking a nap. Most of these workers work for 24 hours a day shift and 15 days in a month

Riad is putting the used Cannes in the fire for melting

A woman carries water from the nearest pond. Drinking water which is filled with chemical damages kidney

A girl covers her face in front of the camera. She has breathing problem by living around these factories

Foot print of the workers. Walking bare foot on these chemical dust causes skin problem

Mohammad Jamal, 33, smokes a cigarette. Most of his life he has worked dangerous and risky job to support his family.

Workers are working in a factory and melting aluminium in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Recycled blocks of aluminium are loaded for transportation. They are sold to a company making machine parts

Workers at rest under a tent they share in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Every day these factories release smoke around it and pollute air