At a time when a bitter EU referendum threatened to divide the nation, Glastonbury 2016 proved itself to be a timely reminder of how happiness, sustainability and openness can be celebrated amongst people from all walks of life in the UK.

A deluge of torrid headlines and torrential rain in the days leading up to the festival failed to dampen this fun-filled celebration of contemporary arts, which threw its gates open once again for 135,000 fun-seeking pilgrims and three of the best British headlining acts today. With 900 acres of the Vale of Avalon experiencing its muddiest chapter in modern times, devouring the south of England’s entire supply of woodchip in the process, the togetherness amongst those dancing away on Worthy Farm was the very definition of community.

I sought to capture the spirit and soul of the festival and the sheer happiness it brought not only to myself and my friends but to those we encountered across the five days. Thank you Michael Eavis for being an advocate of progress and for doing things your way, the best way! Here are some of the photos I took during Glastonbury weekend.

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