I’m a creator behind comic strip series Timmy Time with Grandpa Holmes.

Pastor Holmes is a different kind of pastor, and he doesn’t just read the traditional bible. He reads every bible. The Bro Bible. The Street Bible. The New York bible. His last one? The Work Bible.

Follow along as Pastor Holmes teaches his grandson, Timmy, everything he’s learned.

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If you’re working during quarantine, thank you

If you miss going to work right now, I’m sure you don’t miss this

Or this

If you have a coworker who complains a lot, you can relate to this

This should be an unwritten rule at work

Whoever does this should be fired

There’s no better feeling in the world

Okay, maybe this is the best thing in the world

Every job is underpaid

Everyone makes mistakes at work. Some are just bigger than others

And when you make those mistakes, this is where you go

And once you go to the HR department, this happens