I started making huge prints of high quality images I made of my children. Leaving them packed, stuffed away somewhere in a corner of the attic. Here’s why.

I remember when I was young, my dad used to surprise me and my brothers twice a year by setting up the slide-projector for an evening of “visual trips down memory lane”. I used to love evenings like that. Watching myself grow up as my dad clicked through the images being projected on a big, white screen. Popcorn, soft-drink, pyjamas: those were the days… Last christmas, the old man surprised us by giving each of us a USB stick with all the slides scanned to digital files. Best present ever. But it also made me wonder what childhood memories will look like in 30 years, for children growing up in this era.

I know a lot of parents that are snapping pictures of their kids on their smart devices. Looking at them from time to time, but never once sorted or printed. Maybe not even backed up on an external harddrive. Losing their phone, would mean losing their kids’ childhood memories. Not to mention the poor camera-quality most phones have…

When my wife and I pass away, and our children start clearing the house, they will find tons of enlarged pictures showing parts of their childhood. Here’s a few examples.

More info: verliesmeniet.nl

After a long day in school, a quick nap can make you feel much better

This is how Italians eat their spaghetti, right?

Feeling sad when it’s bedtime

“No I really didn’t eat a whole pack of Oreo cookies, dad!”

His first soccer practice. I was the only dad there holding a Nikon D4s + 80-400mm

Or when you really don’t want to finish your dinner

Playing in the sand with his first, true love

Spiderman style

Playing dress-up, sixties style

Playing on the grass on the first day of spring

Being escorted to school by your big brother and sister on your first day

A good nose-picking

Playing innocent

On his 3rd birthday, he got his first bike