6 months ago we moved to Dover that was voted to be the worst place to live in England.

We never stopped taking photos of the truly terrifying things we found here and even created a Facebook page called ‘Shepherds of Dover’ to celebrate and share the horrors with you!

More info: Facebook

The town is filled with beautiful historic buildings

And there’s the castle…

Should we mention that the Europe’s best preserved Roman lighthouse still stands here?

Our town is as beautiful at night as it is during the day

We have our own Banksy and we’re proud of it

And quirky decorations!

Even nature approves the beauty of our town

And we’re known to have THE best skies

We have a fabulous community!

And loads of events all year round

The coast is filled with treasures for us to find, such as this shipwreck from 1926

Not to mention that for centuries we’re taking the role of being the gateway to England

And those cliffs…

There’s no place as beautiful!

And we can see France!

And our green spaces are always guarded by cattle, sheep and ponies!

Our town is extremely dog friendly, they allow dogs in the castle!

And the nature around us is astonishing

Also, we know the places where we can hide from your negativity ;)