I was born and raised in the country, which is very high in suicide and depression numbers. I was born in a country in which to be weak and have personal fears is a phenomenon in the society. And if you talk about it out loud you can be misunderstood for opening your personal experience. Openness can be a weapon against you.

The question arises, why we are all afraid to talk about this. And as inner openness fears, it could open the way for the insatiable desire to live, but not to withdraw. I would like to develop this theme based on I. Yalom theory – fear and psychological barriers is the reason of fear of death. The fear of death acceptance and recognition in our life is a great way to the colorful and high living.

I am an artist and a photographer who fought this fight for many years. In my own country I can be named as a weirdo with a large gap in personality. In other countries – as a human being with a broad spectrum of cool experiences in personal life. The series of photographs is my inner emotional experience. It’s about people who are quite distant from developed society and today’s standards.

These photos are psychological portraits of human inner demons, downfalls and the ups and most importantly phobias. It’s like evidence that all the people from time to time hit the wheel of fear and fear or going through such a period is not a madness. And if someone would like to be a part of my book, I’m looking for sponsors. This book is for lost and retired, who think to go and come back. For those who are happy and fearless.

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Two Birds


Clock. Sand

My Way

My Mountains


Bird And Birth

The Mirror