Imagine Minecraft in real life. You have a bunch of 3D pixels to create anything you like! What would it be?

With PIXIO innovation it now becomes true. Having redefined the meaning of construction sets, these guys created a perfect and probably the simplest building toy for both kids and adults.

One PIXIO block looks just like 3D pixel and is a plastic 8mm cube with 6 powerful magnets inside. The polarity of the magnets allows to connect cubes to each other in any way you like. Just take the pixio block in your hand and place it where you want it to be connected —BANG! — the block’s connected. 

PIXIO lets you build anything in pixel art style without visible fixing elements and in any scale. Favorite cartoon figures, self-portraits, home décor elements and much more. Enjoy endless possibilities of creation bound only by your imagination!

PIXIO is available in 16 colors and various quantity sets from 50 to 3200 pcs.

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