Stacey is one of the dogs that were being take care of by volunteers through Feed Friends Foundation. We received the news that several dogs were found at the feeding spot and that they had been shot. Stacey was missing for a couple of days but we were very happy to hear that she came back to the location. The sad news was that she had also been shot and hurt, even though she did not have life threatening injuries. One bullet struck her paw and one went in and out in her hind leg.

Stacey was scared and did not know what to expect, but it felt as if she understood that we would help her. Unfortunately, her toe had to be amputated due to the damage of the bullet. We found an amazing foster for her where she could recover while being surrounded with other rescue dogs. Stacey has an amazingly friendly personality and she is loved by many. She is playful and enjoys roaming the yard, searching for lizards.

She made a beautiful recovery and other than the visible scars, she does not seem to have any trauma from what has happened to her in the past. Stacey enjoys life now and we would like to thank everyone who has been involved in her rescue and recovery, but also everyone who has supported us financially.