Husband and wife, Anthony and Richel grew up being fans of Disney Animated Films. Richel is a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh while Anthony dreamed of being Peter Pan as a young kid. When they found out they’re expecting their first child, they knew they wanted to find a unique way to create a birth announcement for baby Cassius and of course, it just had to be Disney themed!

I met the couple back in 2011 when I photographed their wedding. I’m a painter, illustrator and photographer based in California. When they called me over a year ago, and told me about the unique illustration project, I immediately jumped on board. They asked me to create a 4’x6′ photo backdrop for each month where their baby can be a part of a Disney themed scene.

I used felt cloth and an airbrush to create the clean look I need. Richel was in charge of getting the right costume for Cassius and when Richel couldn’t find a particular costume available for purchase, she would make it herself. Since we don’t live close to each other, Anthony was in charge of the photography and sometimes it took anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours just to get the right shot. This was a total team effort and I’m so excited to finally be able to share this year-long project to the world!

More info:

Baby Cassius’ Birth Annoucement | Lion King | March

Happy 1 Month! | Winnie the Pooh and Friends | April

Happy 2 Months | Monster’s Inc | May

Happy 3 Months | Toy Story | June

Happy 4 Months | Peter Pan | July

Happy 5 Months | Finding Nemo | August

Happy 6 Months | 101 Dalmatians | September

Happy 7 Months | Star Wars | October

Happy 8 Months | Pocahantas | November

Happy 9 Months | Lilo and Stitch | December

Happy 10 Months | Big Hero 6 | January

Happy 11 Months | Frozen | February

Happy 12 Months | Mickey and Friends | March