Duncan & Nozomi, a husband and wife team in Tokyo, wanted to make the most awesome solar-system stationery ‘on the planet’.

They couldn’t find a manufacturer to produce the pins to the specification they required, so decided to take on the mammoth task of hand painting each planet, one by one, pin by pin, THEMSELVES!

Following successful funding on kickstarter earlier this year, space geeks and clever Christmas gift shoppers can still get their hands on one of the serial-numbered pieces via their etsy or online shop.

More info: dshott.co.uk | Etsy

Use the tiny planetary pins to hold your memos, photos and magazine clippings up on your cork board

The pins come mounted in a super cute acrylic display case

Add a little outer-space to your office space, and make your pin board universally badass!

All the planets of the solar-system are included in each set

Each little case is stamped on the bottom (manually of course!) with a unique serial-number, and comes wrapped with a hand-signed info sheet

The duo use enamel paints and model brushes to add the detail to each push pin by hand. Each pin is finished in a final coat of clear lacquer