I am Aiman Arastu, a fine art student studying in JNAFAU.

i am an actively practising artist. Although I’ve experimented with about 6 mediums and different canvases, i figured that i enjoy working on Mandala and Zen-tangle art a lot. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. Walls are my favourite canvas as the area is not restricted. I’ve been practicing art for as long as i can remember and it gives me immense happiness. A huge wall, tons of markers, music and tea, and I’m set for a perfect day. I would like people to be more aware of this kind of art, as it is something that anyone could try, although it requires a great deal of patience, it is highly therapeutic!

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A floral patterned mandala

3D & detailed

Metallic lustre

A galaxy of colours

Be you.


Watercolour Mandala



Tea cups Zentangle


Wall art

Someday we’ll fly.