The masterpiece called ”The Underglass” was painted on granite floor of a public escalator hall in The Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno, Poland – the town which won a worldwide fame for high quality handmade glass items, produced in the local glassworks since 1923.

‘The Underglass’ is 80 square metre. It is a 3D painting, referring to the industrial history of Krosno. It was done by Ryho Paprocki, a Polish painter, sculptor and performer. It took Paprocki 11 weeks and 2 days to finish the painting. He used well over 100 liters of paint, worked on his knees for the most of the time and applied numerous painting techniques, including those invented in renaissance by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Owing to extremely durable paints and protective layer put on the surface of the painting in the final stage of the work, visitors can walk on the ‘stone canvas’ without risk of destroying it.

The Underglass 3D paiting

The Underglass 3D and its author Ryho Paprocki

Pictures by Damian Krzanowski