There is nothing I love more, other than going on the streets and trying to capture the way I see what’s going on around me. Here are few of pictures I took over the years and hundreds of kilometres of walk. Enjoy!

I also captured the Romanian winter with its own authentic vibe.

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Meanwhile in Naples

The smiling woman

Long vehicle

Obey the rules ! :p

8 AM

Hello Sir, would you fancy a photobomb?

Find the cat!

Sunny morning

Nothing is how it used to be

May the force be with you!



Not again

Sunday morning

Happy family

Meanwhile in Paris

Back in time

Misty Christmas

Everybody’s got one

Blue meets blue in Barcelona

A summer to remember

Waiting for prince charming

Urban chameleon

Maho beach

The cloud eaters

Ordinary day on the beach

Aliens among us

Tom waiting for Jerry

Streets of Venice

Always expect the unexpected

Modern days