I’m gonna have to say that this sunset project started without me even thinking about it… I was just a girl with a camera on the fifth floor of Faculty of Architecture Timisoara, capturing the sunset every day for a very long time. In 3 years, it became my deepest passion and something that I really cannot live without. It’s impressive how everything can change in one moment, and sunsets happen just like that, especially in the autumn and winter. The colors and the clouds are so powerful and their strength through light amazes me every time.

Now, reaching 3 and a half since I started this very special and lovely project, I’ve decided to share this autumn’s sunsets with you. They are very special and they all mean something for me, especially because of the people who were around me that time… And because I have lived very groundbreaking moments and the sky is always some kind of medicine for me.

I really hope you enjoy the photos and that I managed to send a message through them, which is “Just be!”.

More info: thesunsetdiary.com