I started this project very unusually, because I never thought of doing it. There was no plan, just me on a bench, on the 5th floor of The Architecture School in our town. And as I sat down with friends or alone with my music, I started taking pictures of the sunset.

It seemed like every time I was there, there had to be some spectacular view outside. And so, without even realizing it, every time there was a sunset I was there too, at the same window, capturing the view. In time, it became a passion and in the end it became a project. And it’s a project that changed me in so many ways; it made more patient, I learned more about photography and most importantly it made me realize how important it is to follow your dreams, what you feel inside.

Now, after 3 years of capturing the sunset from that special spot, I have the courage to share my photos and my thoughts through a blog. There you can see the whole story and many photos from a few years ago and also many other surprises.
I couldn’t share all the photos here, but I made a selection from my favorite moments. I hope you’ll like them! :)

More info: thesunsetdiary.com