The often hot and humid city of Singapore is unique. Be it its crowd of people from around the world, or its hawker centers serving the widest variety of affordable food, or the fact that Singapore has everything – beaches, scenery, downtown, Chinatown, and Little India.

So, I often take my camera and go out to capture the essence of this remarkable city called Singapore, and here are five photos to encapsulate the soul of Singapore the way I see it.

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The Juice Shops spread around Singapore serve the widest variety of beverages to quench your thirst in the sometimes hottest of the climates

The streets of Singapore are often filled with the most unique mix of people!

The beautiful island of Pulau Ubin to give you the quiet life away from the hustle bustle of the city

The small and big bakery shops and the tea experience spread around Singapore allows you to have affordable and amazing variety for breakfast, lunch or dinner

The hawker Center has a life of its own. Mornings with office going people, evenings with group activities, and weekend with families – they are an important part of Singapore life serving not only variety of multi-national food but a part of its people’s lives