The new Macbook Pro is said to have a full-size, extended touch bar area in place where the keyboard use to be. The design is essentially non-altering from the fundamentals of the original mac Product save of the new work space.

This was put together by an industrial design student Daniel Brunsteiner , from the Graz design school in Austria. He hope to explore an enhanced, and centred creative space for artists , designers and architects. The new Mac, or iMac will feature the Apple synaptic engine responsible for sensory and the stencil for general input. These features, to accentuate touch would aid the visually impired take on the digital world.

“It could be a touch-pad creative centre with enhanced display, it could support the Apple pencil and allow users do applications” Daniel had written on his page.

Daniel, who is a recipient of several awards for design has no affiliation with Apple inc, subsidiaries or it’s products but he produces sensible design for commercial products.

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The sensitive synaptic pad allow for stencil input

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The keyboard functions can be cleared to make way for more creative space.

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The mac would feature the dark pad for creative activities

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The imac 2018 with the synaptic engine revealed

The mac would be unchanged, with the physical design left alone.