How many deserts can you think right now? Sahara … Yes! What else?
For dummies that does not find more than 3 deserts names, I offer you a quick reminder. By the way, take the opportunity to escape contemplating these breathtaking spaces.
Or, for a more radical effect, buy an airline ticket, dug up a good 4×4 or a nice camel and go on !

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DeadVlei, NAMIB DESERT Namibia

Photo : Alexandre François (

White White Desert , LENCOIS MARANHENSES, Brazil

Monument Valley, COLORADO (U.S.A Utah)

Photo : Solipsist

White Sans, New Mexico (USA)

Valley Of Fire MOJAVE DESERT (U.S.A, Nevada)

Photo : James Marin Phelps

White Desert, Egypt

Photo : Rob Sheridan

Sahara , Maroc

Danakil Desert, Dallol Crater (Ethiopie et Erythrée)

Atacama Desert, Chile

Photo : Milivoj Sherrington

Uyuni Salar, Bolivia

Coyote Buttes, The Wave, Colorado

Sossusvlei, NAMIB DESERT, Namibie

Photo : Alexandre François (

Pinnacles Desert, Australia


Photo : Pravit

Fly Geyser, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Wadi Rum, Jordania

Photo : Michal Unolt

Sud Lipez Desert, Bolivia

Photo : Alexandre François (

Lybian Desert, Algéria

Photo : lebeaupinagnes

Karakoum Desert (Turkménistan) Darvaza crater

Photo : Michael J Moss

OSOYOOS Desert, Canada, Spotted Lake

Antarctica Desert

Sinai Desert (Egypte)

Photo : Nikolai Sindorf

Thar Desert, India, Rajasthan

Photo : Sankara Subramanian