Germany is a large country with lots of attractions of various kinds. From vibrant cities in high mountains and rural idyllic deserted beaches at the shore of the Baltic Sea and towering castles dotted by green forests, Germany is one of the most diverse countries in Europe . If you have not yet decided what to visit first, we will come to the rescue with a list of the most interesting cities in Germany that will conquer.

Of course, the German capital should occupy the top spot on our list. The largest city in Germany and one of the most important European cities, Berlin is overflowing with life and culture. Whether you want to get lost in the halls of some of the most important museums in the world or do you recharge a large park, Berlin is the destination for you. Interposed the old architecture and modern design of new buildings, while the city’s dramatic history traces still visible all over Berlin .

One of the most beautiful cities in Germany famous for the legendary festival Oktoberfest , Munich also boasts many other attractions. Start your trip in the heart of the Marienplatz , and lose yourself among charming streets. Admire Bavarian architecture, particularly the New City Hall with its tower is located Rathaus-Glockenspiel, a device that interprets two stories each day in classes 12 and 17. While not Oktoberfest , you must make a visit to Hofbräuhaus to enjoy a cold pint famous.

Dresden has a history as long as it is troubled. During the Second World War Dresden was almost completely destroyed, but the monuments in its center were rebuilt as they were before, returning the city to its former glory. Superb Baroque architecture blends with rich parks and the city’s museums have made Dresden is called “Florence on the Elbe”.

Most tourists who come to this small town hiding in the Bavarian Alps goes directly to the magnificent Castle Neuschwanstein . Indeed this beautiful castle is one of the most beautiful in Germany and in a country famous for its wonderful castles, that says a lot. Built in the nineteenth century, Neuschwanstein Castle was the residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, but is best known for having served as inspiration for the castle in Disney cartoon “Sleeping Beauty”. And the small town Fussen and has its sights. Colored buildings seem to be made of gingerbread, the atmosphere of this charming old village seven centuries is complemented by chic cafes and cobblestone alleys.

One of the most picturesque corners of Germany , Isle of Rugen in the Baltic Sea boasts unique landscapes. Very few tourists visit Germany for its beaches, but that does not mean that you can spend unforgettable moments by the sea. Rugen Island is an oasis in the Baltic Sea, with a cliff that rises 400 meters above the blue waters. Wide beaches and spas on the island are the perfect places for a relaxing holiday, while the curious can visit the inside of a submarine to find out how it works or learn about … chalk Museum of Crete.

Quedlinburg is one of the most picturesque places in Saxony with lots of old buildings with wooden beams, which seem to be drawn from fairy tales. The medieval atmosphere of the city center Quedlinburg surprise you immediately. In fact, Quedlinburg boasts some of the best preserved buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe . Walk the cobblestone alleys that meander through colorful facades to reach the Romanesque church St. Serbvatius dates back almost a millennium, which guards over the beautiful town.