If you grow up in a small city full of empty (medieval and Art Deco) buildings then it is not surprising when a great love for such abandoned places developed.

So it was for me – I am Elisabeth Mochner, a young photographer from Görlitz in Germany (a city which was split in a German and a Polish part after World War II and which is now established as location for Hollywood movies) and I realized fast that the love for portrait-photography fits perfectly together with all the fantastic places which surround me.

It’s like a walk into ancient times. It’s like daydreaming.

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Circa 100 year old, empty Art Deco Hotel

at the attic of a cold storage house

The old Art Deco Department Store in Görlitz. This was the set for Wes Andersons Hollywood Movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

The “Lobby” of Wes Andersons “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

An abandoned place Mimi brought me to

The Hallway of Elisabeths Flat

An abandoned place in Stuttgart Malou brought me to