The book called The Lemon Granny is a variation on the modern fairytale. When creating the story we were inspired by tales of the Hans Christian Andersen: the main characters do have some super natural abilities, but then stories takes place in real everyday background. My story about one old lady who make a dreams for children, and puts the on lemon. If the child are if the child is obedient and good he get a wonderful lemon whit sweet dream, if not- get the usual sour lemon.

This pop-up edition includes the original fairy tail. Illustrations brought to life through paper engineering. But the tension between text and image inherent in any illustrated book is exacerbated to the nth degree here, as the beguiling doodads beckon readers to race through the pages, leaving the story they’re meant to illustrate behind. For colors design mostly- purple, blue and yellow tones.

The book is intended to be interactive, discovering hidden has a direct link with the dream theme. I believe that the possibility of illustrations the reader more attractive than a flat image.

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