“The Glass Walls” – concept fashion project on elusive and demanding social media culture.

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We watch other people’s insanity. We put our own on display

Like a store. Only the best merchandise. Plastic relationship

Are you dressed well enough to show? Is the angle flattering? Is the display polished?

Do you feel the cold? Of the life carved in lonely glass

Strings of it all around you. Tangled in fake connections, superficial moments

Do you feel the cold?

Of your life turning plastic

You display it for everyone to see

Carefully curated exhibition

They will take it apart. Piece by piece. Hands and legs. Can you move?

Do you feel the cold? Of reality passing you by

So many you. So less you

Hiding behind elusive walls made of glass

Can you be sure which side are you on today?

Team Credits:

Creative Director, Photographer: Victoria Krundysheva photography (Instagram: @victoriakrundysheva )

Text, Concept: Victoria Krundysheva

Stylist Anchal Notani

Model Toshada Uma

MUA Rashi Agarwal

Assisted by Rohit Punjabi, Pratik Sureka