While exploring Bali, I had the chance to explore this incredible abandoned hotel lost in the highlands of the island.

Mystery surrounds the hotel’s construction as well as its owner’s origin and many theories surround its legends. Some say that the real estate developer was cursed because of his corrupt projects. Some say all the guests suddenly disappeared one night and that their ghosts came back to haunt the hotel. The most likely scenario is that is was an investment project of Tommy Suharto, the son of former Indonesian President. After being sent to jail because of having tried to murder his judge in a corruption case, the hotel was never finished even if it was nearly completed.

Now abandoned for over a decade, vegetation took over and is slowly recovering the hotel. Being able to wander in these walls was a unique chance. The eerie atmosphere grows and makes the exploration both scary and unreal. Even if it’s impossible to know the truth behind this hotel’s origin, the feeling you have tells you something went wrong there…

Just when I was leaving, fog arrived and swallowed the hotel in a few minutes. i took this opportunity to make some last shots when it was still possible to see something. Not long after, you couldn’t see five steps away from you. The ghosts were back in their home and it was time for me to leave…

Enjoy this travel in the past!

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