I am Ilia from Georgia, I like photography and traveling. I like street photography, so I photograph my city; this is a wonderful pleasure of mine.

Here are some pics which I took last year. Hope you enjoy it and discover some interesting and beautiful places at Tbilisi.

Metexi Church and River Mtkvari with its Swimmers

Abanotubani, Old Tbilisi

Metexi and its Two Seagulls

Puppet Theater of Rezo Gabriadze

Monastery of Thin Father Daviti and Rope-Way

Tbilisi View

Shavteli Street

Wine Gallery Yard

Cafe Gabriadze and Balconies of Tbilisi

Abanotubani, Historical Place of Tbilisi

Two Friend


Food Staples At Leselidze Street

Mtawminda, One of the Most Interesting District Of Tbilisi

Old Balcony

Books Magazine and Cafe where you can read or drink cofe

Trinity Cathedral