I own a Bikram yoga studio in Perth Australia, and with a 23 months toddler, Estell, sometimes it’s challenging to practice. On good days, she’ll come into the class with us all, and run around, and do some postures… today was not that day!

She refused to let me take class, so we went into another room, and she spent the whole time beating me with her spade (Estell fix Mummy she said), climbing, pulling, and bouncing on me. There wasn’t a moment of stillness, nor did she leave me alone for a second!

She did consent to showing off a few postures though! And as trying as it was, we had a lovely time bonding and it made for such a special moment! I’m sure a lot of busy Mums out there can relate to always having that little shadow following around!

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New Meaning to Baby Yoga!

Estell loves backward bending – a born yogi! (20 months old)

Practicing next to a Yoga world champion!

There’s always time to backbend!

Estell has been backbending since she was a few months old.

Estell always comes into class and sweats it out with everyone.

Yoga with Mummy!

Love bonding time and practicing together!

Helping Mummy get it right!