I make funny mundane creations mixing two different ideas to create something strange and with some humour. I use common objects, food, paint, water and ink with pastel colours background to give live to my creamy minimal pop art and sometimes useless creations. I'm inspired by my own child wishes, mischiefs and dreams I've had.

I want to remind people how creative they were when they were little and make them smile.

More info: paulfuentesdesign.com

#4 Acid Music

Acid Music


DariaB 2 years ago

This one's my favourite, I think.

#5 Sandwich



DariaB 2 years ago

I love this one too! It reminds me of a joke I had when I was a kid (and yet to be fluent in English), it was about a "sand witch".

#6 P-ink Smoke

P-ink Smoke


EmmaThunderz 2 years ago

Smoking is bad why would you post that

#7 Sncake



RasaWarg 2 years ago

Sncake!! :D

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#10 Tongue



DariaB 2 years ago

I must admit this one is quite unique. Here comes my vote.

#14 Pink Snake

Pink Snake


GeorgiaKatePalacio 2 years ago

This is a real thing, my sister has one named Princess Bubblegum, like adventure time

#20 Westside Forkfingerz

Westside Forkfingerz


DariaB 2 years ago

Do a Vulcan one. ^_-