We throw the word “surreal” around a lot when talking about photographers, but these outlandish works by Polish photographer Dariusz Klimczak take the cake by following in surrealist master Salvador Dali’s footsteps.

Klimczak uses his wild imagination to populate desolate landscapes with bizarre and surreal characters and objects. The atmosphere of the vast deserts and plains in his photographers seem to be inspired by Dali’s work, as do the stilt-walkers and other characters therein. The images form a mythological world that seems to bend or break the laws of physics, but the fact that most of the images remain photo-realistic makes them all the more unsettling.

According to his biography, he prefers creating square compositions in black and white, although he does create quite a few color photographs as well. He says that the aim of his images is to use stories and universal symbols to move his viewers and force them to think or to simply crack a smile.

Klimczak is an experienced photographer, with more than 30 years of intermittent photography experience under his belt. He currently works as a freelancer and has held numerous exhibitions.

Source: kwadrart.com | behance | 500px | Facebook (via: mymodernmet)