Hi, my name is Nguyen Quang Huy and I’m an illustrator who comes from Vietnam. I am interested in superhero movies. Hope you still remember the “”avenger 1 collection i did last year. At the moment, Im working on another project which involve superheros as well. I would appriciate it if you can support me on this project.


More info: Facebook

Bucky Barnes

Made from Dry rose

Scarlet Witch

Made from Red lilly


Made from Balsam “Golden star”


Made from Garlic


Made from Orange


Made from Hairclip

Captain Team

Iron man

Made from “Coi” lighter

War Machine

Made From Zippo Lighter

Black Panther

Made from Motorbike key


Made from Tomato

Black widow

Made from “Hero” pen

Spider man

Made from Litchi

Ironman Team

Ghost Rider – Bonus

Made from Egg

Super Man- Bonus

Made from strawberry

Bat Man – Bonus

Made from black grapes

Wonder Woman – Bonus

Made from Dry leaf