For this year’s #36daysoftype challenge I thought of combining my interest for comics with my love for minimalist illustrations. So I began creating an illustrated alphabet that pays tribute to various comic book superheroes and villains. Keeping a minimalist style, each one of the 26 letters aims to capture the features of a particular character through geometric form, colors, specific symbols and so on.

Hope you enjoy it.

More info:

A | Aquaman

B | Batman

C | Catwoman

D | Daredevil

E | Elektra

F | Flash

G | Green Lantern

I | Iron Man

J | Joker

K | Krypto

L | Loki

M | Magneto

N | Nightwing

O | Omega Red

P | Punisher

Q | Quicksilver

R | Riddler

S | Spiderman

T | Thor

U | Ultron

V | Venom

W | Wolverine

X | Professor X

Y | Yellowjacket

Z | Zatanna