Have your ever thought how much time do you spend in the traffic every day? Let’s say, you spend approx. 40 minutes in the traffic jam every day, 5 days a week. In total you waste around 3 hours and 20 minutes or around 13 hours a month. Or almost a full week just sitting in your car each year. Time goes slowly in the traffic bust scarily fast when you are in a rush.

I spent countless hours, minutes and kilometers driving around my hometown Vilnius (Lithuania) and looking for the people who are stuck in the traffic for different reasons. Some people did it on purpose, some were forced to stop. I used my drone and long exposure to show the movement around those who are standing still. Every picture has a unique story and approach.

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A truck turned over while trying to make a U-turn. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

A very young guy was stopped by Police. Judging his young age, it was questionable if he has a driver license at all.

Two workers have just finished changing the advertisement billboard. The cars around have moved further.

3 guys are watching 1 guy repairing the car (changing the wheels if I remember correctly). It is not permitted to park those two cars in the middle of the road and the red car on the left just blocked the entrance to others and pedestrians too. A variable message sign says “Let’s be polite on the road and drive safely”.

A road fixer’s truck parked in the middle of the road thus occupying one lane.

A white car just stopped in the side of the road. It is not permitted to stop in that space.

The roads in Lithuania are not really good however we are doing our best to improve their condition. Workers do their job at night because in the daytime the traffic jams would be atrocious. This is a Gelezinis Vilkas street and it is extremely busy during daytime.

Two cars collided at slow speed so drivers filled a necessary insurance claim. Slowly moving traffic became even slower.