Stormtroopers are such an iconic characters in their shiny white armours! Before the release of “The Force Awakens”, when we discover that there is in fact some diversity in their troops, we would rarely think about the people hiding behind those masks and it was even hard to identify their genders in such apparatus. People would tend to assume they all were Caucasian straight cisgender males.

In times of political polarisation and extremism, my version of the stormtroopers wear paper gowns and perform mundane activities as a reminder that behind uniforms there are relatable individuals with relatable lives, wishes and beliefs.

What I propose with those interventions is an exercise of empathy. If only we could all forget about the sides in our wars and try to relate to the people in the enemies lines, dialogue and respect each other, many of those battles wouldn’t even have to take place.

We are not our uniforms. Or as a wise master would put: “Luminous being are we, not this crude matter”.

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