My name is Becky and I make steampunk jewelry in my spare time.

Addiction is something that can hit your family at any time. Unfortunately, most people can not afford to get treatment and that can be deadly. I love giving back so that is why I donate 35% of my proceeds to help addiction recovery patients get scholarships and treatment for addiction.

Each necklace is handmade by me and takes a minimum of three days to complete. The jewelry starts out as blank settings, where I then add different types of paint, photos, and other designs while adding old watch parts, charms and more. Every single piece of jewelry that I make is different. These are all hand made, one by one. It keeps me busy and also helps a good cause.

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The Steampunk Buddha

Victorian Steampunk Pendant

Steampunk Bookmark

Steampunk Tear Drop Pendant

Shipwreck style Steampunk Pendant