The heartwarming story of a man who saved a drowning squirrel’s life by giving it CPR is capturing the attention of people around the world.

Rick Gruber, a pool man from Phoenix, Arizona, found this little ground squirrel drowning in a pool he was working at. After fishing it out, he began giving it CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), though he was careful not to use his mouth – for fear of being bitten or catching a disease.

Eventually, the squirrel showed signs of life. All in all, he spent about an hour with it before it finally felt good enough to scamper off into the wilderness.

“I would do [CPR] for anybody. A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything,” the compassionate pool guy told CNN. (h/t)

Pool guy Rick Gruber, from Phoenix, Arizona, was on the job when he fished this little guy out of the water

He started by trying squirrel CPR, squeezing its sides in an attempt to find its lungs

He didn’t go so far as to give it mouth-to-mouth, saying he didn’t want to be bitten or catch a disease

Eventually, the little guy showed signs of life. He opened his eyes and coughed up some fluid

“I would do [CPR] for anybody. A rodent, a dog, a cat, anything,” said the pool guy

Gruber set the squirrel out to dry as it surveyed its surroundings

Here are some of his last sights of it as it scampers away. Hopefully it won’t be going for a swim anytime soon!


Here is CNN’s report on this compassionate pool guy’s actions:

Here’s the full 1 hour of footage from Gruber’s ordeal: