My name is Vanessa a.k.a Psyca, I’m an artist from Portugal and my specialty is Sphynx art. Ever since I started to portrait my baby Sphynx in art, breeders and ️Sphynx mamas have been asking me to do theirs.

These are the samples of what kind of work I can do with your baby.

More info:

Victorian Sphynx

Graphite on paper.

Sphynx unicorn

Acrylic on paper.

The creation of sphynx

From the movie E.T, watercolor on paper.

Returning home

Space sphynx commission. Watercolor on paper.

Scarface ️Sphynx

Poster from scarface the movie, ️Sphynx version. Watercolor on paper.

Cairo in wonderland

From Alice in wonderland, comission work of a lovely Sphynx named Cairo. Watercolor and acrylic on paper.

Weekends with a sphynx

Watercolor on paper of what it’s like to be a Sphynx mama.

Looking for sphynx galaxy

Watercolor and acrylic on paper, commission work for two Sphynx sisters.

Say no to pants

Featuring my baby boy Dimitri, Graphite and colored pencils on paper.

Psica logo

My logo for business card. Watercolor and ink on paper.