When we say “dolls” most of us picture charming toy we used to play with when we were children. But, what if I told you there are dolls created not to be pretty toys but to show you something else? 

Obscurity of your own soul, maybe? These Horka Dolls are created by Klaudia Gauger for art-shows and collections. Dolls for adults, if you like. Sculpted out of fireclay and porcelain, expressions on these dolls faces carve into your memory leaving unforgettable imprint. 

Klaudia Gauger outlines that the most important work she does is painting their eyes. She spends days covering and glazing them and when you look something lifelike like that, you can almost believe that somewhere in body made out of fabric is ticking a little heart. Tough, sometimes heart is hanging outside of dolls shirts. Amazing right?

More info: whizual.net